Municipal Equality – Preserving the Montclair Ideal

Through our collective commitment to equity, this past year Montclair received 100% on the HRC Municipal Equity Index.
We are proud of the actions we took to earn this score and grateful to the HRC for recognizing Montclair.
Here is some of what we did:
-Third-Party Contracting Non-Discrimination Ordinance – requires all third-party bidding and contracts to include protection on the basis sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression.
-Employment non-discrimination ordinance – prohibits discrimination in hiring, appointing, and assigning duties and positions based on gender identity or expression.
-Ordinance Concerning Unisex Restrooms – requires the provision of all-gender single-occupancy restrooms in all business establishments (including offices and office buildings), places of public accommodation, and municipally owned buildings or facilities in Montclair, together with appropriate signage; where publicly accessible single-occupancy facilities already exist or will be constructed in the future.
In addition, Montclair council also passed a resolution earlier this year in support of New Jersey’s legislation protecting minors from attempts to change sexual orientation.

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