Weekly Updates

Cyber Incident 6/6/2023

Montclair State of the Township 2/7/2023

Water Emergency Update – 10/14/2022

Water Emergency Update – 10/13/2022

Water Emergency Update – 10/11/2022

Water Emergency Update – 10/9/2022

Water Emergency MessageĀ 

Spring Holiday Message 4/14/22

Montclair COVID Update 2/23/22

Montclair Storm Update 1/29/22

Montclair Omicron Update 12/29/21

Montclair Holiday Update 12/4/21

Town Halls, Ceremonies and Community

Lackawanna Plaza Comments

Memorial Day Ceremony 2023

Shared Fire Services

Building a Safer New Jersey

Standing Up for Reproductive Rights

Special Council Meeting 3/28/22

Rent Control Announcement

Catchings Owens Community Suite Grand Reopening

Supporting Small Business Town Hall

State of the Township Address 2022

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