Various Small Business, Non-Profit, and Community Grant Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended virtually every aspect of our lives, and our economy. Big challenges required bold solutions, and The American Rescue Plan was exactly that. The Plan provided much needed relief across the country to help Americans get back on their feet. At the local level, The American Rescue Plan provided communities like Montclair critical funding that helped fill the gap caused by the pandemic. These funds helped Montclair continue delivering services to residents and provide assistance to our local non-profits and small businesses. In addition to the solid fiscal foundation Montclair already built by lowering our municipal debt by tens of millions of dollars and increasing our bond rating to AAA, the support provided by the American Rescue Plan helped insure Montclair remained financially sustainable far into the future.

President Biden, VP Harris and Democrats in Congress including Donald Payne and Mikie Sherrill were instrumental in bringing this legislation to fruition. On behalf of the Township of Montclair I want to extend our thanks to our entire federal delegation for continuing to provide Montclair with the very highest level of representation in Washington. I remain committed to working with our partners at all levels of government to defeat this pandemic once and for all.

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