Residents Show Support for Sanctuary City Designation

On Tuesday, February 7, 2017, a vast number of residents attended a Montclair Township Council Meeting to make sure their voices were heard on a pending resolution to designate Montclair as a “Sanctuary Township.”

Nearly twenty people expressed their support with stories of their family members or themselves with their experiences as immigrants in this country.

Most every resident in attendance at the meeting was interested in keeping Montclair the diverse and inclusive community that it has always been.

As Rev. Ann Ralosky of First Congregational Church stated:

“It is the core of every faith tradition that the vulnerable and disenfranchised be protected and provided for. Especially in these perilous and unstable times we believe that the enduring values of compassion and inclusion, historically exhibited by the Montclair community, would most meaningfully be manifested by such an action.”

Councilor Spiller also took the opportunity to state, “Tonight is about making a statement that says we stand up against callous, insensitive actions that the federal administration is putting forward. The right answer is never to be silent, but to speak out.”

For more information about the resolution and the show of support from the community, please read the articles posted to Baristanet

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