Belcsak Graz Park Naming

Feb 06 2019
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If you’ve driven or walked past a little park on the Montclair/Verona border, you will notice that Graz Park has received new signs to reflect its new name: Belcsak Graz Park.  The park was recently renamed in honor of a former Montclair resident who was very active in the community.  Her name is Juliana Belcsak.

The park was originally named for Montclair’s Sister City of Graz, Austria.  The relationship between Montclair and Graz has existed since 1949.

Juliana Belcsak is an Austrian native and for many years was a Montclair resident, until moving to South Carolina.  While Juliana resided in Montclair, she was an advocate for the understanding of other cultures.  She was also a member of the Montclair Rotary Club and organized many student and business exchange programs in the community.  She also worked in partnership with our sister city.

In recognition for her work and dedication to the Montclair community, the park once named for our sister city has received the honor of having its name enhanced by a community member who, in her tenure in Montclair, worked to have each city and its culture understand the other’s.