MESH, Inc. provides overnight respite

MESH, Inc.

provides overnight respite for persons experiencing homelessness when temperatures are 25 degrees and below at 14 Midland Ave. Montclair, New Jersey. Overnight Respite doors open at 9pm admission ends at 11pm unless the person seeking respite is escorted by a police officer. Light breakfast is provided. The respite program ends at 8am. January 4th through January 10th temperatures are expected to reach 25 degrees and below overnight. Please be advised that these temperatures are based on weather predictions and are subject to change or differ by two degrees. MESH, Inc. Overnight Respite schedules will be publicized through this email list every ten days. Best efforts will be made to announce service changes/cancellations through the website , email, twitter and other social media outs within 24 hours of projected respite operations. All inquires should be addressed through this email or by calling (862)621-9488.

Gwen Parker Ames, Ed.D
Executive Director

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