Impressive Debt Reduction

I am very proud to state that in only our first few months in office, we have successfully been able to reduce our debt by $10 million dollars!

Through paying off debt, instituting a plan which includes a two-to-one reduction-to-addition of debt, and other focused reduction strategies, we are moving on this issue (see article here which explains our first $8.2 million in reduction before our latest $1.2 million reduction).

Debt reduction is not our only focus, but it is an important one.

Elected to serve the residents of Montclair, certainly it is equally important to concentrate on issues that we all face on a daily basis.

There are times when we must act immediately to address situations thrust upon us by nature or some other unpredictable force.

The hours spent remedying individual problems and the days spent making sure that everyone is safe and taken care of after a storm demonstrate some of the most important work we do.

But there are also many long-range issues which we address to help our constituents now and in the future.

Working on things like our Master Plan, investing in our infrastructure, establishing shared-service agreements, examining the latest eco-friendly waste disposal options, and fostering smart renewed development are some of the things that will help to keep our community vibrant and prepared for the future.

The debt reduction we have been able to accomplish and the plan we have to further that reduction is an example of one of the ways we are working on a long-term issue with an outcome leading to a better Montclair, burdened by less debt.

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