Developing a Climate Action Plan for Montclair

As constant leaders on environmental issues, we have been working diligently in our community to address climate change and environmental justice. It is vital that Montclair addresses these issues now, so that we may mitigate the causes and effects of climate change and give our children a chance of coming back from the devastating impacts of climate change.

I will be fully supportive of the upcoming Council resolution that will authorize the Montclair Environmental Commission (MEC) to develop a climate action plan. This effort will facilitate our prioritizing goals and actions in order to best serve the needs of our community. The plan will include an audit of greenhouse gas emissions by the municipality and in Montclair. Using this data, the MEC will make recommendations in the form of a Climate Action Plan to reduce emissions, especially in buildings and transportation.

The Township has successfully enacted several climate-friendly strategies, including promoting renewable energy, transitioning to energy-efficient LED lights in municipal buildings, and installing charging stations for electric vehicles. Our climate action plan will further these successes by facilitating the expansion of solar panel use to generate renewable energy, promoting ownership of electric vehicles by adding charging stations, and ensuring that homes and businesses can increase their energy efficiency.

The plan will provide for environmental justice by ensuring that all people can equitably enjoy the benefits of renewable energy while ensuring that traditionally disadvantaged communities are not left behind during the transition. The MEC will be asked to solicit input from key stakeholders – please share your thoughts!

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