Summer is a time for rest, relaxation, and budgets!

Jul 09 2013
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My Fellow Montclair Residents,

As we enjoy the final days of spring, I hope you have been able to pause for a moment and take in the beauty of Montclair during this time of the year.

From our wonderful flowering trees, to the many parks and gardens, Montclair is a special place with an unmatched attraction, showcasing nature’s wonder in a city in the suburb.

Certainly, as summer approaches, please remember to travel safely through town. With our students and many others walking as well as increased drivers and bicycles, we all need to be especially alert and respectful as we share the road and yield to pedestrians.

Also, be sure to enjoy those barbeques, block parties, and all our town pools. Just be careful to observe all local laws, be respectful of your neighbors and entertain your guests responsibly.
While we too will take a moment to enjoy the summer, we are also busy finalizing the township budget, honoring Montclair’s man on the moon, and examining ways to make Montclair even safer for residents and visitors.

We are putting the final touches on a budget that increases our support for early education, for our adult school, and for the public library. We have also changed many township departments to allow for better constituent services with easier navigation and quicker responses.

We have paid down our township debt significantly (by over $10 million already), secured lower interest rates on what we owe, and developed a long-term plan for our stability.

We have added funds for community policing, have grant-writers working on other community safety projects, and will be adding more police to help deter unwanted activities.

All of this has been done with a 0% increase in the school budget and a 1.9% increase to the municipal budget – and much of the 1.9% is caused by the need to pay for Hurricane Sandy cleanup.
Lastly, even through the summer, I will be continuing to keep you informed and hope to hear from you.

As part of that process, our next Third Ward Community Meeting will be Thursday June 27, from 7:30 pm – 9 pm at the Charles H. Bullock School. Also, our website now has a Resources page as well as a Newsletter Archive page in addition to the Suggestions and Calendar page. Please check all often for important information and to reach out if needed. On out Photos page, Facebook page (Sean M. Spiller) and twitter page (@SeanMSpiller) you can find fun things like pictures of Buzz Aldrin as we presented him with a key to the township!

Let’s have fun together and stay safe!

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