Much to do, much to celebrate this spring

Apr 22 2014
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As we finally enjoy a little warmer weather, we have the opportunity to enjoy many of the things to do around town as well.

Just recently, so many took advantage of the tree giveaway where the township worked with the Environmental Commission and the state to provide redbuds, dogwoods, and black gums to all residents who wanted them. This year marked the first year of a three-year plan to distribute the native trees to the community. So, if you didn’t get a change to come this year, please look for the opportunity next year.

Soon as well, we will see the crowds at our outdoors Farmers’ Market. In addition to the usual location at the Walnut Train Station, there will likely be a chance to use South Park Street on occasion as we utilize the pedestrian-friendly capabilities of the new design. Be sure to come by for some local, fresh, healthy foods.

Now hanging across Bloomfield Avenue is the banner for our upcoming Montclair Film Festival. This year’s festival is sure to impress once again. With so many movies, discussions, parties, and much more, there will be plenty to enjoy. Be sure to take advantage of the free parking provided by the township at select locations during the festival.

Over at town hall, the major action has been around constructing a municipal budget. With our success in lowering the township debt by over $20 million dollars since taking office, we are working hard to find a budget that provides the services we expect but with as many cost-savings as possible. With that in mind, we have introduced a municipal budget with a 0% increase for residents! Certainly, we are very proud of such an accomplishment and are excited as elected leaders and residents for the benefits that will be felt for years.

As the Board of Education also introduced a budget, those of us on the Board of School Estimate, charged with reviewing what the school board adopts, closely examined each and every line item to look for savings and to make sure we are providing the very best education possible. As part of that process, the Board of School Estimate was able to reduce the requested budget increase while also enhancing our educational programs in town.

In addition to all the budget work right now, there will be many additional items for consideration at municipal chambers. In the coming months, we will be examining the use of the Nishuane Well (April 29th should be the discussion of responses to all questions submitted), discussing the various parking modification requests (many for and against), and deciding to pave or not to pave on Afterglow Way just to name a few.

So, no matter what your interest, be sure to stay active or please get involved. There is so much to do and so many varied skillsets in town to help get things done. So again, pick what you love and have fun… See you around town.