In Support of Clean Cars and Clean Air

Sep 14 2018
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I recently took the opportunity to add my name to a letter in support of Governor Murphy and in support of clean air for New Jersey.  The letter, penned by Electrify NJ, requests that Governor Murphy’s move New Jersey closer to carbon emissions reduction by supporting initiatives to promote the use of electric vehicles.

In the coming months, we will be seeing legislation being voted on for a Clean Cars Zero Emission Vehicle mandate (S1975/A3688), the expansion of public charging infrastructure (S2252/A3687) and the introduction of rebates for owners of electric vehicles (S2382/A3847). The ask is that Governor Murphy support these initiatives.

An additional initiative we would like to see introduced is the transition of our transportation fleet and heavy-duty vehicles from gas powered to electric.  People in our state use public transport in abundance.  The conversion of our transportation fleet to electric vehicles would be one of the best ways to drastically reduce carbon pollution and improve air quality, helping us to leave a better future to the next generation.

 If you would also like to lend your voice to this letter, visit this website.