A Peek at the Past – A Focus on the Future

Jul 28 2014
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My Fellow Montclair Residents,

As we often do, it is important to look back and see how far and from where we have come, so as to guide our path as we journey forward. So, let’s take peek at the past, so we can focus on the future.

Our Council decided early on that strengthening our financial foundation was a starting point from which we could support and achieve our community goals (Allowing for a 0% tax increase for the municipal budget for next year).

We started with a debt management plan and related compliance policies. We reduced our debt massively through refunding and then refinanced much of our remaining debt. With these efforts and others, we have been able to use our resources to fund programs and services rather than pay off higher debt.

These services have included things like: More funding for our library, pre-k schooling, and our adult school. We have reintroduced our Community Policing Unit, have utilized more policing technology and have expanded a graffiti rewards program. We have invested unprecedented amounts into roadway improvements and capital projects like tennis court resurfacing, the Edgemont Pond dredging and beatification, as well as funds for new fire trucks, snow removal equipment, and more.

In pushing for more convenience for residents, we introduced an e-Permit system for parking, allowed for online registration for recreation programs, expanded our social media and mobile messaging, added credit card processing for township services and added an informational kiosk in the Clerk’s office for easy access to information.

We have also passed ordinances to reduce the number of vacant or abandoned buildings, purchased a new bus for senior travel throughout the town, added funds to support the homeless, and are constantly looking at and enacting ways to reduce Montclair’s Carbon footprint.

We have been able to do all of that and to put forward a budget with a 0% increase for next year!

So, as we move forward, our path will be one of fiscal responsibility and a focus on the services needed to best serve all of us as residents. We will ensure that Montclair remains the place where people want to be.

Please join us for the next Third Ward Meeting on Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 7:30 PM, held at the Montclair Public Library, 50 S. Fullerton Ave.